Join GeekMandem is looking for fresh talent to write both opinion piece articles and review for our site as we look to grow our team.

In the coming weeks we will have a full time editor to make sure all our content is placed onto the site as soon as its ready, but for that we need you! Gamers from all around the world with a passion for games who would love to share their opinions with the world. From Xbox 360 and PS3 to the Wii and DS, whatever the platform we want you.

What type of articles we are looking for.

Reviews / Previews. – We all have to make the most of our money these days and it’s our job to help guide the readers of our site in their gaming purchases, we want to help advise people and best we can to make the right decision, by reviewing the latest releases, to write ups of early code to help get people hyped for a game, we want to tell it as it is and that the writers opinion maters!

Articles / Opinion piece – We love a Top 10 list as much as any one, we love a great break down of a series game by game like final fantasy, or your opinion on the XBLA marketplace and the future of games, if you have the ideas commit it to the web and we at Geekmandem will look to have as many of these types of articles as possible.

What we do not want.

We are not looking to be a hit driven site, we want quality and to earn our place among the top sites. So that means no to articles that exist purely to drive people to fan boy rage, so no PS3 V Xbox articles and no bias. We all have our favored system, or beloved genre but it’s our job to be impartial and honest with our readers.


As the site grows we will look to post news stories, so if this is something your interested in please feel free to apply also just state that news is something you would like to do.

What we offer you

“Once we grow you will see the benefit” a line I know I hated reading, sadly it is the truth, this site will become my full time job so I appreciate all the help I can get, and when possible it will be re-payed, in the future we look to have a “staff” forum where you can request reviews code, as we grow as a site we have gained more and more contacts from big publishers (  Paradox, Sega ,Codemasters and several indie studies ) currently supply games. However we always try to give our reviewers the games as payment for their hard work. In future we will look to pay on an article or hit basis as well as holding article compensations for all writers as an incentive for your work.


So if you have a passion and want to grow as a writer, or you just want to share with the world please apply for Geekmandem. Send any work you have done in the past, or a sample of your work to . I will be checking constantly and look to reply to all emails as soon as possible. If you do not have previous works please send me an email and we can talk about ways forward for you, and what is best.

Details to go along with your email. We require any details with a * for review copy purposes.

Name –
Age * ( I cant have people under 18 reviewing 18s etc )
Country * ( be as specific as you like )
About your self
Previous work

Good luck with your application and I hope you feel you can find a home at


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