One comment on “Opinion: Gaming Awards are Broken

  1. I heavily agree with you but I also have problems with your platform for it. Yes there should be far more ways for us to celebrate games besides a show that has never once even seemed like it was trying very hard to pretend to care about games. Every time i’ve seen that awards show it always hit me like everyone was being there ironically, like they were mocking our past time with their indifference but like you said this isn’t about that. Assassins Creed is best Action Adventure over any of the games that won awards (the whopping 3) because the rest aren’t action adventure. GTA V could be argued if you wanted but The Last of Us I would not put into that category nor would I place Brothers. For example my Game of the year personally was the Wonderful 101 for the Wii U but outside of Character Action I don’t think it would have won any other award from me. It’s hands down my favorite game of 2013 all around but in specific genres there’s some that do it better.

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