5 comments on “GeekMandem Rewind: Halo Combat Evolved

  1. Brilliant article! I never saw the connection to Space Odyssey, but now it feels like it has been hiding in plain sight. It’s either an interesting coincidence or clever Bungie being clever.

  2. This is a brilliant article, welldone! :) it has some very insightful points! I had to make a choice between getting Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary or Assassin’s Creed Revelations. Well i chose revelations, a brilliant game which I’ve done an indepth review on in my blog which I hope reflects how much I appreciate it! Nevertheless, I still really want to play this game and I’m hoping to get it for christmas. If anything this article has made me even more excited :D

  3. Despite it’s obvious achievements, I never managed to get into the Halo feel. However, I find it an example of control finesse and of excellent design even for today’s standards. I am really looking forward to what Bungie can pull off now that it is not obliged to continue with the Halo franchise. Very good article!

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