One comment on “GeekMandem Rewind: Bulletstorm Review

  1. I just got Bulletstorm from my Blockbuster Movie Pass a few days ago. I am sad to say that I have completed the campaign in just a few hours. The game play and the skill shots are fun for a short time. They get repetitive as you are lead by the nose from stage to stage. Most of the skill shots are set up for you just to knock them down. No skill is required. For all the hype of this game, I am glad I rented it. Instead of waiting for the mail to bring me the next disk in my queue, I am going to go trade Bulletstorm in store. Disappointing games like this are the main reason I had the Blockbuster Movie Pass added to my DISH Network employee account. I was tired buying a new game just to be let down. That’s $60 down the drain. For $10 per month I can rent all the video games, DVDs and Blu-rays I want. I can even stream to my computer or TV. Maybe Ill get Duke Nukem instead.

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